Since day one, over hundreds of jewelry pieces have been sold and a portion of the sale has been distributed to our giving back program to help those in need. Helping those in need is what we do, and with your help, our impact continues to expand.
To help address this program we work with schools and organizations from the countries we distribute artwork from. So far we are in two countries:
  • PERU: An orphanage in Peru, by providing them with education fees, educational books, school supplies, and gifts the children ask for.
  • MEXICO: An organization called Paison X mi origen (Passion for my origin) in Durango, Mexico. Many women in Durango are struggling to make a living. However, the organization’s goal is to support and empower women by providing them with sustainable jobs. Many of the women in Durango are talented artisans but are lacking materials to be able to make artwork based off of their culture and sell it for a living.

We just started however, as we grow we are looking to partner with new charities across the world to donate to cause we believe in.


Thank you to all who contributed and supported COYA. Because of this, we were able to fly to Cusco, Peru and donate the money to the orphanage! The children from the orphanage surprised us with smiles and posters at the airport! Our first stop was to the orphanage owned and managed by two ladies called Gladys and Carmen. The best part of this trip was seeing the kids’ faces light up when we gave them all the school supplies, educational books, and toys we got for them with the donation money. We could not have done this without you all, and thank you again for your continuous support. It was truly an amazing experience, and we hope to continue to help more children in need in the future!