When I first stepped foot in Peru, I felt immediately at home. It was my first stop in South America and I was there to volunteer at an orphanage in Cusco. After my volunteer project was over, I decided to spend some time traveling the country and visited Lima. There I came across a beautiful pair of earrings from a local designer, whose collection was inspired by Peruvian culture. As I spent time in Peru, I felt a strong parallel to the culture we have in the Middle East, and this similarity inspired me to share these beautiful handmade pieces from the West to the East. That’s how this all began.

COYA is a Kuwaiti-based online shop that features handmade jewelry from local designers across Latin America. COYA, means the queen of the Inca Empire. Our goal is to encourage talented female designers in Latin America to pursue their passion and share their art worldwide.

We carefully select our designer partners to make sure each piece is crafted with quality metals and is a strong representation of the local culture. Our special pieces are made to accessorize your daily life. The designers’ commitment to their craft is conveyed through the quality of their work.

Giving back has always been a core part of COYA, which is why we donate a portion of each sale back to the orphanage that I worked for in Cusco. As we grow, we are looking to partner with new charities across the world to donate to causes we believe in. COYA loves to help those in need, which we are always on the lookout for new charities that can benefit from our collections.