Get to know our designers

Joanne McKay

Country: Lima, Peru

Passion: Started her career as a graphic designer and plastic artist. She uses metal to connect with nature, life, and travel experiences!

Material: Silver, Brass, Recycled Plastic, Gold Plated

Inspiration: Her work is inspired by handcraft and tribal jewelry around the world. Her excitement for a vivid relation with nature is reflected in her work through a creative process.

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Alejandra Llano

Country: Manizales, Colombia

Passion:  I love emeralds, mostly in its raw state (uncut and unpolished) and I include them in all my collections.  I started to work with emeralds in 2015 when I noticed that more than 50% of the emeralds of the world come from my country but less than 5% of them leave Colombia as a finished jewel. Colombian emeralds are considered to be the best quality emeralds of the world.

Material: Emeralds

Inspiration: I am motivated by the legal and responsible extraction of the stone and fair trade. I also admire how talented our people are when working with Emeralds, but most of all it feels great to know that you can change the image and the reality of your country through design and through the usage of this amazing stone that for years was associated with war.

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Yamila Regueira

Country: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Passion: Started her career in fashion design and realized it was not what she wanted. Ten years ago she shifted her career into jewelry making by taking classes for fun at her own time. She expanded her interest and started her own brand called Laregueira Joyas.

Material: modeling lost wax, a technique that allows you to make small sculptures and detailed piece and mostly works with silver

Inspiration: Her work is inspired by handcrafted sculptures

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Micaela Gálvez

Country: Mexico City, Mexico

Passion: She originally studied fashion, but due to her love of jewelry she focused all her creativity on accessories by taking jewelry classes and building her brand Metric Accessories- a jewelry line with an effortless, organic, and architectonic approach!

Material: Bronze

Inspiration: Her work is inspired by architectural forms, shapes, angles, and a love of travel, and these influences are reflected in her unique designs.


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Paula Pereiro

Country: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Passion: It all started in 2009 when the designer decided to shift careers from Sociology to learning how to make jewelry from scratch. Discovering her love for jewelry, she started her own line of handmade jewelry in 2014

Material: Different types of metals and precious stones

Inspiration: Travel! Her work is all unique and done handmade at her atelier in Argentina

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Michell Galindo 

Country: Mexico City, Mexico

Passion: It all started in 2003 with a rose quartz stone that her mother gave her as a present. Drawn by spontaneity, instinct, and creativity, Michell used simple hanger wire to turn the single stone into the centerpiece of a beautiful and bold ring, her first piece of art. From there, her passion for jewelry and the love it symbolizes ignited into an unstoppable force.

Material: Different types of metals and precious stones

Inspiration: Inspired by her mother's modernist jewelry, she moved from hometown Tijuana to Mexico City in 2010 to pursue her vision of modern and classic silver jewelry made within the Mexican tradition. The result: hand-made, sculptural, and timeless pieces made by the best artisans in Mexico City using recycled metals, sterling silver, and 14-karat gold. Founded from the heart, Gala is Love makes each piece with the community and environment in mind.

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Sophie Simone

Country: Mexico City, Mexico

Passion: Her line reflects her love for her native Mexico and her passion for creating pieces that are timeless, feminine, versatile and unique. She began making jewelry as a child, creating necklaces out of vintage broches, secretly given to her by her grandmother, which she then turned into unique creations. Today, Sophie enjoys designing her collections from what inspires her the most and working closely with talented Mexican artisans. Each design is carefully hand made and unique. 

Material: Different types of metals and precious stones

Inspiration: Her passion for travel, art, yoga, photography, nature and life, allows her to gather inspiration wherever she goes and transform it into beautiful jewelry creations.

~ Made with love and in peace ~

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Michelle Goni 

Country: Mexico City, Mexico

Passion: Took a jewelry smithing course in 2011 and has been doing jewelry since 2012

Material: Different types of metals and precious stones

Inspiration: Her reflected her unique multicultural upbringing. She sought to pay homage to the natural beauty of the Appalachian Mountains of rural North Carolina while appreciating the organized chaos of Mexico City and the indigenous cultures that impacted each so profoundly

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Paulina Rodete

Country: Mexico City, Mexico

Passion: Each piece represents a unique identity, a character that causes stories to be developed around its origin and processes. 

Material: Different types of metals and precious stones

Inspiration: She is interested in the search for new meanings in objects through diverse everyday practices in various disciplines including happenings, performances, videos, and installation. Her experiences concentrates on the transformation of petrified matter & objects and ‘the extension of space in the relationship between body and jewelry’.

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Country: Istanbul, Turkey

Passion: Guliz has worked for years as a freelance art director in the production of commercial media. She has decided to transform her design skills with the help of jewelry.

Her brand “YUKA” was born in 2009 while Guliz was designing jewelry for herself.

Material: Different materials like silver, bronze and brass in her designs. She combines the traditional techniques with wax modeling.
Inspiration: She inspires from nature, her inner thoughts and life experiences. She believes jewelry is the most powerful, yet underrated, means of communicating visually between people and establishing a unique relationship between the wearer, the viewer and the maker.

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Country: Istanbul, Turkey

Passion:  It all started with my search for meaning…Then, forms and shapes entered my life. They allowed me find ways to express my thoughts, ideas and experiences all along that journey. And thus emerged Meliora, from the inspiration given to me by the source, from the nature itself and from within…I hope that these pieces of jewelry, which I have shaped with my heart, will add meaning to your journey too…

Material: Main material is 925 Silver and plated with 22 Carat Gold. There is no nickel in the products.
Inspiration: The inspiration is coming from the nature itself and the forms are designed in a modern way.

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Ana Luisa Baptista


Country: Lima, Peru


We combine our creativity and love for design, with the abilities and ancestral knowledge of artisans in our communities to create original jewelry and accessories.


Kudzu has grown by the philosophy that business can improve the lives of every one involved in the makingand receiving of our products.  The empowerment of our artisans is central to who we are as a company, we provide them with training, fair pay continuoussource of work and strive to create a positive change in their lives.


Born in 2006 in Venezuela , and working with indigenous communities since 2013, Kudzu has now grown and expanded to Perú where we work with rural communities in the Peruvian Amazon from the Awajun tribe and quechua communities in Ausangante, Cusco at 3500 meters of altitude in the Peruvian Andres in liaison with International ONGs like Fundación Tierra Viva, Work for Progress and Codespa.


Inspiration: We like to expand our consciousness into knowledge, by educating our users on the properties our products might have, their origin and meaning; emphasizing not only the piece’s beauty but most importantly its significance and impact.


Check out the PERU COLLECTION to look at her beautiful pieces!